The Elijah Experience (EXP) Impacts Lesotho Part Two: ENGAGE

One of the core values of the Elijah Experience (EXP) echoes that of LXP Lesotho. Building relationships with others for the sake of introducing them to Jesus and discipling them to walk closer with Him is at the heart of our approach to ministry. The first post about the outreach highlighted this emphasis on building relationships by sharing the team’s experience of visiting house to house in our community. Another way the team connected with people was through the LXP Lesotho’s youth ministries.

The second full day the team was with us they served our youth by leading the Saturday Program. After playing fun, new games our youth were divided into three age groups in which different messages were shared by members of the EXP team. We wrapped up the afternoon with worship and dancing.

On Monday the EXP team again blessed the community by hosting a soccer tournament. Three local under-18 boys soccer teams, including LXP F.C., competed for the title and a prize of a new soccer ball. It was a windy afternoon, but both competitors and spectators had an awesome time.

“L” “X” “P” Wins!!!

The week came to an exciting end with the annual LXP Talent Show on Friday, the day before the team departed. The LXP Lesotho youth and the EXP team put on an excellent event, entertaining the audience with a variety of items including song, dance, drama, and comedy. It is a privilege and a joy to give God glory for the talents and passions with which He blesses us!

When we find the space where our passions and talents connect perfectly with our desire to love and serve others for the sake of the Gospel, incredible things happen in our lives and the lives of those we meet. One of the EXP interns had a unique experience the first day the team was with us, and this enabled him to connect with the kids on a deeper level during the youth events highlighted above.

This is his story:

“Hello my name is William Kauffman. I am with EMIZ this summer as an intern in the Elijah Experience. God has gifted me with the love and ability to rock climb and teach it to others. Before going to Lesotho, I packed my climbing shoes in the hopes I would come across a boulder or two. When I arrived in Lesotho I was staying a short walk away from small sandstone mountain with amazing cliffs. I was absolutely blown away by God’s provision in letting me worship Him by climbing. In God’s amazing wisdom, He provided time for me to explore the rock, climb, and dream. However, He was not content with letting me have my fun alone. There were seven kids from the village below who joined me in my scramble and exploration of fun. I had the opportunity to bless children with one of the greatest blessings I have received; my love for climbing. Watching them attempt to climb brought so much joy in my heart. God really showed up in Lesotho for me, not because He provided rocks for me to climb, but because He let me dream of a future where I can use the passions in my heart to serve Him in everything I do. God truly does know the inner passions of our hearts, and like a father, He enjoys letting us enjoy those things. In Lesotho, God let me be a kid again, even if it was only for a few hours.”


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