Fishers of Men – Ha Makopela Outreach

Before we departed on our journey to the beautiful mountains of Lesotho, God gave us a word. He told us as a team that He will teach us how to be fishers of men. We also felt challenged to expand and enlarge our territories. To our team, that meant we were to leave everything behind just like the disciples did when the Lord Jesus called them to follow him and promised to teach them how to be fishers of men.

In obedience, we left behind our comfort, our plans, our families etc. and followed Jesus to the people of the mountain village of Ha Makopela with a team of ten from December 4-11. Just as in the three previous years we visited these people, once again we encountered God in new ways; we experienced His love for us as individuals, but also how deeply He loves the lost and desires to redeem people to Himself. Upon arrival in Ha Makopela we were welcomed by the head chief and the two families that offered their houses for us to use during our time there. We were also happy to see the many familiar faces of kids and youth from our previous visits. We always feel at home in this village because of the warm welcome and unending love that these people give us. In their great need and poverty, both physically and spiritually, they remain content, joyful and hungry for the word of God.

We hit the ground running as soon as we offloaded the vehicle because the kids were eager to play some games and learn more about God. We expected this enthusiasm and our team was well prepared to respond; that first after noon was well spent with all of those beautiful young women and men. Kheola, one of the youth leaders in the LXP program, helped lead the team this year. We praise God for the wonderful job that He did leading the team and showing such skill, spiritual growth and maturity.

The majority of our eight days in Ha Makopela was spent with the kids and visiting families in their homes. In the morning we gathered the kids, played some games, and did various teachings out of the bible. We also spent time listening to their individual stories and praying with them. In the afternoons we would visit families in the homes to continue building relationships, praying together and learning the Bible together. Many people made a choice to put their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time! One man by the name of Lehlohonolo told us that He knew there was God somewhere but had never heard the Good News about Jesus. He asked us a lot of questions about the life of Jesus, why He came and why He had to die for our sins and we spent a lot of time sharing with him and his family. Ntate Lehlohonolo and his family joyfully gave their hearts to Jesus that afternoon.

Another lady we visited was bedridden; she had been sick for so long that she had lost hope for her healing. She was weak, not able to get out of bed or walk, had little appetite and had lost a lot of blood. We shared the gospel and spend some time praying for her healing. Nothing happened that day and we said goodbye to her and went back to base. The following day we were walking around the village visiting people and we saw her walking in the street, healed and strong! She told us that as soon as the team left her house she encountered the healing of God and was able to get up. We praise God for all that He continues to do in Ha Makopela and the nearby villages we were able to visit as well. We also want to thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. Lots of people are hungry and open for Jesus in these villages and we hope to be able send another team in July to follow-up and encourage all the believers. July is Lesotho’s coldest month, especially in the mountains where we get a lot snow and ice. Please keep this mission trip in your prayers for travelling mercies and health of the team that will go.

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