Building Project “Progress Pics”


Hey there friends, family, fans, and followers! Exciting things are happening at the LXP base here in Lesotho. We have officially broken ground for building! Praise the Lord! The construction crew came today to measure and mark off the foundation on the house. The initial lines are barely discernible amongst the weeds (as you can see from the photo above), but it’s so exciting to see the rooms all laid out and to walk through the floor plan just as it will soon be in our house. These are the first of the “Progress Pics” which we will post here regularly to help you stay updated as building continues. Please sign up to receive email notifications every time we post an update, so you don’t miss a single step of this exciting journey! To sign up, just click “FOLLOW OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL” on the right of the homepage. Enjoy the first of the Progress Pics!


Unloading the first delivery of cinder blocks


Cinder blocks and sand, ready to go!


Cement, doors, reinforcement wire……and of course some kids toys in there, too!


Machine that drills the bore hole for our water system. We are too far out of town to tap into the municipal water supply, so we will have our own pump and tank to provide running water at the base. Just waiting for the crew to find a new drill bit so the drilling can commence!ImageGodfrey demonstrating where they will dig the bore hole for water.


Our shiny new washing machine; thank you Jesus who provided the funds through our friends at Grace Klein. We’re so excited to drill the borehole for water, set up the water system, build the house, install plumbing, and hook up this little beauty so we can take “hand wash laundry” off the to-do list!

2 Responses to “Building Project “Progress Pics””
  1. YAY! 🙂 This is SO exciting!!! Godfrey and Elizabeth, I’m jumping up and down with you in my heart! SUCH exciting times. Thanks for this blog to keep us connected along the journey! Love you guys! Michele

  2. Alex Combs says:

    So fantastic to see the starts of your home! I’m glad you’re documenting it online so all your adoring fans can see the progress 🙂 Lots of love to you and Godfrey!

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