October Camp 2013

2009 Youth Camp Theme: Foundations

2009 Youth Camp
Theme: Foundations

The first time we took our youth from the Saturday Program to camp was in June 2009. We talked about laying the firm foundation of Christ in your life. It was a foundational time in many, many ways. It’s time for camp again, and almost every child pictured above will be going with us this week for our ninth LXP Lesotho Youth Camp from 2 – 5 October. We have been so blessed by the growth and transformation God has brought in the lives of these precious young people. They are different than they were four years ago because of the powerful presence of Jesus in their hearts. They are a blessing and a joy to us, not only at camp but as we meet with them every week through out the year. They are also a source of joy and godly transformation in their families, communities, schools, churches, and friendships as they share the Light that is within them. We are trusting that they will continue to shine in all these areas at this camp, which will be very unique. This camp we will be joined by many youth who are coming for the first time, or who haven’t been to camp in years. A number of these youth we met through the Beat the Drum outreach last month, and we are so excited about the way God is drawing them closer and teaching them of His love. Please pray with us that every individual at camp will be touched and changed by the presence of God, and that he or she will be transformed by the renewing of mind. Please pray that there will be unity among the staff, volunteers, those who are coming to camp for the first time, those who are coming to camp for the ninth time, and every one in between. Please pray for financial provision to cover the costs of camping with 91 kids and 7 volunteers, many of whom are not able to afford the R25 ($2.50) camp fee we ask. Please pray for a FUN time of pure fellowship, worship, playing, talking, laughing, and loving together. Please pray for wisdom and strength for each one with a role of leadership at this camp. Please pray that our presence will be a blessing to the school at which we will be camping and the village of which we will be in the midst.

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