Upcoming Women’s Retreat

For the past few years I, Elizabeth, have had the dream to host an event for the women of our community. I have seen the beautiful ladies, young and old, who work tirelessly to care for their families and their homes. Many of them do so without a word of thanks or appreciation for all they do. Many are single-handedly providing for and raising their families because the men in their lives are not there for one reason or another. Some of the grandmothers are caring for their orphaned or single-parented grandchildren. Some of the young ladies have left school to take care of their babies. Many of them are tired, hurting, or worried about their futures and the future of their families. Many of them are living without the hope of life and peace through Jesus Christ.

We want to encourage and bless these women, to offer encouragement, love and support. We want to share with them the truth of what God says about them and the hope he offers through His Son. So, next week we are hosting our first ever women’s retreat! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00 we will enjoy a time of fun, fellowship, crafts, food, games, teachings, activities, and sharing with the women of Nkoeng and Taung Villages. We will pitch a large tent at the LXP Lesotho Base and gather for three refreshing and rejuvenating mornings of discovering what beautiful, unique, and blessed ladies we truly are as God’s beloved creation.

Please be in prayer with us as we prepare for this powerful and momentous event! We trust the Lord for hearts to be encouraged, refreshed, and healed as we learn the truth of who we are in Christ. Our desire is to see women come to know Christ, be empowered to follow their dreams, and find strength and support through fellowshipping with their neighbors and friends. Pray with us that many women will come and that individuals will be impacted and in turn transform their communities with the renewed hope and love they receive from the Lord. Please specifically lift up the ladies who will be leading the sessions and activities that God will speak through us, and that all the logistics of the event will run smoothly.

We are excited and expectant for this time of ministering to these precious ladies and are thankful for your prayer support.

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