“Go Make Disciples”

We believe that Jesus’ commission in Matthew that his followers go and make disciples was not a once off thing; it requires follow up to make disciples! We are not to invite people to make a decision to follow Jesus with their lives, and then leave them alone to figure out how to do it. Whenever possible, we check in with people we’ve introduced to Jesus and desire to becpart of their faith journey.

Ha Makopela 2015 Team

Ha Makopela 2015 Team

Today the team departed for the third annual outreach to the mountain village of Ha Makopela. Since 2013, youth from LXP Lesotho’s leadership team have gone to this village to share the gospel of Jesus by their words and deeds and lifestyles. They spend a week visiting individuals and families in their homes and gathering the children and youth to play games and have discussions about life based on scriptural truths. The door to door house visits are done in teams of 3 and the youth spend time learning about the lives of the people, praying with them about challenges, and encouraging them with biblical truths which empower them to follow Jesus. Last year on the first follow up visit we found a few youth and adults with testimonies of how the Lord was continuing to work in their lives. However, others shared discouragement at how difficult it is to continue growing in faith after only a week together once a year. Our prayer for this third visit is that the Lord will use us to nourish the seeds that have been planted the past two years and most of all that people will encounter Jesus, not focus on our names and faces, and receive revelation knowledge that the Holy Spirit remains with them when we go as guide, counselor, and comforter. We also desire to be personally impacted by the Lord on this outreach and trust him to work in our own lives as we serve and love the people of Ha Makopela. Finally, we praise the Lord for the blessing of a portable media kit that will enable us to show the Jesus Film in this village where there is no electricity. Please pray with us that this film will be a powerful tool for sharing the Gospel and that it will deepen people’s understanding of who Jesus is and the good plans he has for their lives.
We ask for your prayers for this team of 5 young men and 5 young women that they would travel safely, be strong and healthy this week, be open to all the Lord wants to do in their lives be used to impact the lives of others. Pray that the team will be blessed with unity, and that they will walk in purity and power. We look forward to hearing their testimonies when they return next Sunday!

One Response to ““Go Make Disciples””
  1. Jill says:

    Praying now! Thanks for the update. It’s so exciting to see what God is doing in Lesotho.

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