New Team Members

Piet and Leah

The Bakers 

Piet and Leah Bakers are a married couple most recently from Johannesburg, South Africa. Leah grew up in the US and came to Africa (Mozambique and Swaziland) in 2005 for a mission trip and later returned to South Africa in 2008. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies from Simpson University and has always had a heart for full-time ministry focusing on overseas missions.

Piet was raised in Johannesburg under a few different ministries, namely Refilwe Community Project and Africa Ablaze. Piet completed a leadership course with LXP South Africa in 2009. This is the same year when Piet and Leah met in the Eastern Cape. They were married in December 2010.

Together, Piet and Leah worked in full-time ministry under Refilwe Community Project, Africa Ablaze, and ended up at the Barn Christian Fellowship. With the help of The Barn, they started a gap year program for students called “Year of Your Life: Sold Out to Serve”. The students served their community through outreach programs while receiving theology training.

In 2012/2013 the Lord began prompting their hearts for missions outside of South Africa. They began seeking God about Lesotho as they had visited LXP Lesotho a few times before. The doors were opened and they came to work full-time with Godfrey and Elizabeth in June 2013.

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