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Every day we do our best to follow Jesus’ command that we make disciples, just like he did. Many times it’s hard to be completely sure if we’ve done it well, or enough; thankfully, we have the promptings and the peace of the Holy Spirit to confirm that we are servants with whom the Lord is well pleased. Every once in a while, though, we get a clear demonstration that our work is not in vain, and God is busy bearing fruit in and through the lives of those whom we love and pray for so much. Yesterday, we heard the testimony of one such demonstration.

Limpho dancing

Limpho dancing

Limpho (Dim-poh) is a 20-year-old boy finishing up his last few classes of high school. He loves dancing more than anything, and adds a great singing voice to our worship team. He is a highly dedicated individual, serious when the time is right, but often cracks jokes that get the whole group laughing as well. As our oldest male student leader, he also has tremendous influence over the rest of the youth and kids, and he wields it well. He is a compassionate guy, who hunts down our lost sheep and encourages them back into the fold. He also has a passion for righteousness, and is not afraid to confront a friend, peer, or leader when we sees an area in his or her life that needs attention. It’s this Limpho whose testimony demonstrated to us that he is a branch, abiding in the vine, bearing much lasting fruit for the Kingdom.

Yesterday Limpho told us he was recently having a conversation with a good friend of his, who is also one of our Small Group Leaders in the program. He could tell there was something weighing on his friend, but also that the boy was not willing to speak about it. As he accompanied him home, even though he hadn’t shared his need, Limpho knew the time was right to act on something that had been in his heart for a while…

A few weeks ago he had noticed his friend didn’t have any school shoes to wear. It’s things like this that often keep kids home from class, and result in failing grades at the end of the year. Limpho, a dedicated student himself, knew how much doing well in school meant to his friend, because they study together almost every evening. He felt like he should give his friend his school shoes, but that wasn’t an easy choice to make. “If I give him my shoes, then what will I wear….” Limpho thought. So he still had his shoes when he came for the Saturday program two weeks ago. That Saturday we read Acts 2:42-47 and discovered how the early church fellowshipped together. They gathered daily to worship and study the Word together, and they shared everything with each other; those who had some gave to those who had less. It was crystal clear confirmation to Limpho, “I have to give my school shoes to my friend!”

…That’s what was in Limpho’s mind as he was accompanying his friend home the other day. When they were still on the road, Limpho told his friend he had something to give him. He stooped down, untied his shoes, and gave them to his friend. He walked home barefoot from that encounter, but he said he didn’t mind. There was joy in his heart because he had been faithful to what God asked him to do, and he had served a dear friend in need. He knew he’d be wearing the “wrong” kind of shoes to school the following week, and some kids might laugh, but he didn’t mind. It would give him an opportunity to share about his Jesus, and why he wasn’t wearing his school shoes anymore.

A great role model to the younger boys

A great role model and friend

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  1. Ontlhabanetse says:

    Powerful testimony…..thank you guys for sharing the wonderful work is doing through you

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