Leader’s Retreat June 2013

Two weekends ago was our bi-annual leader’s retreat. It was a short weekend away to connect with the Small Group Leaders, to challenge them in their faith and their leadership. We walked away from that weekend feeling like it was a great success.

The four LXP Staff plus 10 Small Group Leaders were whisked away to the school for disabled children on Saturday afternoon. We started the evening off with supper and a time of fellowship. The session topic for that evening was “Be Different”. Godfrey reassured the leaders that they are firstly different from one another. They have unique talents and gifts that they bring to the 0leadership team. And secondly, they are different from the world; set apart. That evening, during a time of prayer and worship, the Holy Spirit had a personal encounter with everyone in the room. We basked in his sweet and gentle presence.

After a night game and a late night movie, it was certainly time for bed! The next morning began with personal devotions. The second session dealt with our identity in Christ. Who does the world say we are? What kinds of clothes does the world say I should wear? Do these things really matter in the grand scheme of things? Or is it what Christ says about me that matters most? This session, led by Piet, began with a scavenger hunt for small envelopes with sweets inside. Some contained marshmallows and others contained chewing gum. Those with marshmallows represented things of worldly value: sex, clothes, unhealthy relationship, etc. These things are “sweet” for a moment, but before you know it, they are gone. Those containing chewing gum represented things of eternal value: godly and building friendships, reading God’s Word, prayer, mentorship, etc. These things can be a bit “hard to chew” at first, but last forever.

IMG_8729Topic three was the crux of the weekend: “Don’t go with the flow.” Leah asked one of the leaders (Thato) to stand on a table, and three others to gather around her on the ground in front on her. Thato represented someone who was standing above the crowd and wasn’t going with the flow of the world. However, the three in front of her represented the world. It was much easier for the “worldly” people to pull Thato down to their level than for Thato to pull them up to “go against the flow”. This is why we must be strong in our values and our beliefs because the world tries to pull us down and put us in a box, but we have to fight against it and stand up for what we believe in. The key verse was Romans 12:2: “Do not copy the patterns and behaviours of this world…”

Elizabeth wrapped up the weekend when she encouraged the Small Group Leaders to take what they had learned and “Go Shine!” They are the light of the world and they must use their knowledge and responsibility to shine for Jesus.

All in all, the leaders were refreshed and had a great time connecting with each other. We are confident that these leaders will take their leadership to the next level and continue to SHINE!IMG_8736

One Response to “Leader’s Retreat June 2013”
  1. Ontlhabanetse says:

    wow just reading this, its makes me to want to come in the next leader ‘s camp.i think the next purity camp we can challenge our girls with this message.

    I thank God for the work you doing.

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