Discipleship Takes Discipline

One of the hearts of LXP Lesotho is to start simple churches (house churches/Bible studies) in the village. It is difficult for many of the elderly people to go to church. Or, if they do, some may attend churches that do not have sound Bible-believing doctrine. It is our aim to disciple these people with the Word of God and for them to continue discipling and encouraging one another as well.

read-the-bible_3458_1024x768Two weeks ago, we, Piet and Leah, met with a few older people to start studying the Bible and to establish a house church. Unfortunately, none of the participants can read Sotho (or their eyes are too poor to see the words properly). We read through the Beatitudes from Matthew 5 and each one gave their input regarding the passage and what it means to them. We spent a nice time praying for needs of one another as well. The meeting time was very encouraging and they expressed their interest in continuing gathering regularly.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been visiting an elderly lady, age 85, in her home. Originally when we found her, her daughter had come from Johannesburg to look after her, and most likely to prepare funeral arrangements. The first time we saw her she was lying in bed, eyes sunken in and lost hope in her face. We thought she might die within that week. The daughter requested that we pray for her, which of course we did. Piet confessed later that his prayer was for the Lord’s will to be done, but in his heart felt that His will might be to take this old lady to Heaven. We returned the following day to check on her progress and were surprised to find her sitting up in bed. She had many visitors in her house including her son and daughter as well as another lady about the same age as she. It was a bit unclear, but it again appeared that they may be saying their final goodbyes. The daughter of this old lady remarked that our prayer gave her mother so much joy and hope the previous day that she requested we again ask for the Holy Spirit to come and visit them. We left them with a blessing and an anointing. About a week later, we went back to visit this lady. We found her house virtually empty. All of her relatives had returned to their home towns, for this lady was no longer dying! When we saw her on this day, she had just returned from town to collect her government issued pension money. She had walked nearly 3 kilometers all by herself to catch a taxi into town and another 3 kilometers back to her house! We were astounded. God has truly healed this lady.

She is a walking testimony of joy and grace.


One final story of God’s grace and love is about a young man, approximately 28 years old, named Fusi. Piet has been playing soccer in the evenings at the community field for about a month now. Fusi, one of the players, was drawn to Piet and the work that he is doing for no pay here in Lesotho. Each day before and after soccer practice Piet and Fusi engage in conversation about God, doing what’s right, relationships, and purity. When Piet drops him off at the main road, he cannot help but thank the Lord for the curiosity of this young man and the oppor
Discipleship is often slow and progresses little by little, but God is always faithful. He hasn’t forgotten about His children here in Butha-Buthe. A great work has been started by LXP Lesotho and we have joined as fellow laborers. The work is still great and bit by bit we are tilling the ground. It takes discipline, patience, and God’s grace to water the soil. tunity to minister into his life.

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