Beat the Drum in Butha-Buthe, Lesotho

During the first two weeks of August a team from Holland, Michigan, USA and our LXP family from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa joined us in Butha-Buthe, Lesotho for a Beat the Drum outreach. With our team of 70 volunteers we were able to share with 1,275 high school students God’s message of hope and purity … Continue reading

Discipleship Takes Discipline

One of the hearts of LXP Lesotho is to start simple churches (house churches/Bible studies) in the village. It is difficult for many of the elderly people to go to church. Or, if they do, some may attend churches that do not have sound Bible-believing doctrine. It is our aim to disciple these people with … Continue reading

Leader’s Retreat June 2013

Two weekends ago was our bi-annual leader’s retreat. It was a short weekend away to connect with the Small Group Leaders, to challenge them in their faith and their leadership. We walked away from that weekend feeling like it was a great success. The four LXP Staff plus 10 Small Group Leaders were whisked away … Continue reading

Thoughts on Giving, by Elizabeth

With our youth, as the last post about Limpho demonstrates, we’ve been focusing on the importance of living generously, sharing and giving to one another. As we discussed practical ways we can share, most kids said they will give clothes to their friend, or some food to their neighbor; tangible gifts. During this discussion, I … Continue reading

A Tribute

In the previous blog I mentioned names. Every time I look at the cinderblocks and cement that make up the pieces of our house, I think of the names of the people who purchased those building materials because they love Jesus and they love us. There are two names that come to mind more often … Continue reading