Building Progress – Foundation

We are making excellent progress with the building project at the LXP Lesotho base. We wanted to share the latest accomplishments and some progress pics.

The beastly machine that's digging us a 35+ meter hole for water

The beastly machine that’s digging us a 35+ meter hole for water


The machine that is digging for our water supply is still noisily and busily working away at the bore hole, which has passed the 30 meter mark. It’s slow going, but the various colors of mud which are pulled from the hole indicate the progress we’re making through the different layers of soil and stone standing between us and the underground water source we seek. When we stopped by the base this morning to bring more water and check the progress this morning, they said they’d reached a small amount of water! This means it won’t be long before they reach a sufficient water source, and they can stop disturbing our poor neighbors with the noisy drilling. Once the hole is finished, they will insert a metal casing to protect the hole from caving in on itself. From there we will need to purchase an electric pump to pump the water out of the hole, a water tank and tall stand for the water to be pumped into, and all the other pipes and pieces needed. We need about R25,000 ($3000) for the complete water system which will supply the house and other (future) structures at the base with running water. Want to slake the thirst?? Go to our donate page and give today!


Last Saturday the construction crew began to pour the cement foundation in the foundation trench, and returned to complete it on Monday. For the foundation they used 25 bags of cement, about 7 cubic meters of rough sand, and more than 1,200 liters of water. Since we don’t have a source of water (yet) at the base, we have to take water containers to the local dam, fill them up with a bucket and funnel, then pour them into large drums at the base. It is a time consuming task to provide enough water  for the bore hole machine and the construction crew working at the same time, but God has been helping us out in big ways! The night before the foundation was to be laid, it rained heavily. When we met the construction crew at the base the following morning, we saw that the trench was half full of water God has provided. That meant we only had to get about 1/4 of the water needed for the foundation! We really appreciated that provision miracle 🙂 Now that the foundation is laid, it has to settle for a week. On Monday the crew will come again and build the first layer of the foundation out of cinder blocks and cement, then let that settle for another week. After that they will start building the walls! We still need to purchase about R14,000 ($1,650) worth of building materials to complete the building of the walls (cement, cinder blocks, and window lentils). Know of anyone who has a passion for construction? Let them know about our project and how they can help us build the LXP house!

Digging the foundation trench

Digging the foundation trench

Pouring the cement foundation

Pouring the cement foundation


On top of everything else happening at the base, we have started work on the pit toilets! The hole has been dug and we are praying for additional provision for the cinderblocks, cement, and other materials needed for the toilets to be built. Our desire is to begin having the Saturday Youth Program at the base as soon as possible, but we need the toilets to be completed first.

Finishing digging the pit for the long drop toilets at base.

Finishing digging the pit for the long drop toilets at base.

The last few layers were stone, so to finish digging the pit hammer and chisel were required
The last few layers were stone, so to finish digging the pit hammer and chisel were required

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