We’ve Got Walls!

Firstly, the bore hole update: the hole is complete at a final depth of 57 meters. It has been capped with  a pipe and awaits the installation of the pump and the rest of the water system. We’re glad to have one step complete!

Secondly, it’s official! We’ve got walls! The piles of cinder blocks, sand, and cement are being transformed into walls, doorways, and window-holes.

View of walls from the garage side of the house

View of walls from the garage side of the house

View of the sitting room/kitchen/garage walls from inside the bedrooms

View of the sitting room/kitchen/garage walls from inside the bedrooms

It’s so fun to visit the base each evening and see the progress that has been made that day. To see the house taking shape, brick by brick, layer by layer (which is, it turns out, a much more complicated process than I had initially imagined!) is a very special experience. As I walk, or rather stumble, across the piles of soil surrounded by walls of varying heights that will someday be the rooms of our home, I dream….

…of the meals we’ll prepare and share in the kitchen

…of the board games and puzzles we’ll play in the living room with our youth and someday our family

…of the inevitable Saturday programs when all 80-something of us will cram in the garage (until we have a hall) to escape the rain

…of the dreaming and planning and preparing that will happen in the office

…of the amazing life that will happen inside and outside these walls that are being built!

As I look at each cinder block and each carefully laid sliver of cement in between each one, I also think of names. I think of the names of each and every person who has listened to our dream, who has prayed for our vision, who has spoken encouragement into the ideas God has put into our hearts, and who has given money to make these things reality. We feel so humbled and so loved by the creator of the universe and his special creations, the people whom he has called to walk alongside us. There will not be a single day while the house is being built, or while we live in the house, that we won’t be reminded, in awe, of all of you who made it happen. It’s true you’re helping us build our house, but more than that you’re giving us a consecrated space; a space set apart for our family to love, rest and minister to each other, as well as a dedicated space to be used for Kingdom purposes to perform and grow God’s ministry in this community. Wow! I feel like I’m standing on holy ground as I type this, and I know that what I’m saying is true. This house belongs to us, it belongs to LXP Lesotho, it belongs to you who helped build it, it belongs to the youth and adults whom it will allow us to serve better, but most importantly it belongs to God. Thank you for your part in building the house of the Lord!

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