Roofing the LXP House!

Ten months ago, in May 2013, the walls of the LXP House were completed. Since that time we have been excitedly anticipating the next phase in the building project: the roof. Last Monday the wait was over and we began roofing! We are so thankful to be taking this big step and trust that the roof … Continue reading

Our almost-a-house

Here’s a quick series of photos to show the house building progress so far. With so many walls nearing their final height, and windows and doorways taking shape, it’s really starting to look like a house! Work has currently halted indefinitely due to rain, but as soon as the walls are totally complete, you’ll be … Continue reading

We’ve Got Walls!

Firstly, the bore hole update: the hole is complete at a final depth of 57 meters. It has been capped with  a pipe and awaits the installation of the pump and the rest of the water system. We’re glad to have one step complete! Secondly, it’s official! We’ve got walls! The piles of cinder blocks, … Continue reading