Ceilings are in!

We are ecstatic to report that another phase of construction has been completed at the LXP House; ceilings have been installed throughout the house and the result is stunning.

The ceilings have made such a difference in our lives, both by insulating us from the freezing winter temperatures outside and increasing the privacy and comfort of the house. Thank you so much to those who prayed and gave for this.







When we sent out a request for the funding to be able to install the ceilings we were given a surplus. We praise God for the abundance, and are now looking into our next and final phase of construction: flooring. We plan to install tile and laminate wood panels over the existing cement slab throughout the house. The goal is to complete this before October when Baby Mosobase arrives. We have $1,139 saved from the ceilings surplus, and need about $2000 more in order to completely install the flooring.

Please pray about giving toward this need and help us finish constructing our home!

Go to our “Donate” page at the top of the site to give online or to find other giving options.

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